Re: OTP survey----philosophy questions

Ack, O'Kate,

I'll answer as a trained thinker. You'd be amazed at how many people have
never been taught thinking as a subject in and of itself. There are far too
few trained thinkers around -- but sumbuddy's gotta do it.

A lil' bit of arsenic IS good for ya and indeed makes ya stronger. Just a
wee little bit in your diet, now and then. Don't add it: most of us get it
from soils or from fresh veggies. Won't kill ya...but a bunch of arsenic
ingested repeatedly fertrue will. So there. :-) is easier going thru hard things more than once...b'cuz
just the familiarity of the hard times takes the edge offa the hardness of
'em. I'm rather unique in that perspective since I dunno anyone else who had
Andrew, and Charley, and Frances and Jeanne. By the time Frances rolled thru
we were all strong 'round here. Friends comment about how strong I
am....wasn't easy at all getting here but I obviously ain't been killed by
none of the very horrid thingies as of yet.

Lastly...steel that isn't tempered is brittle. It's gotta be red-hot
then plunged into very cold water to temper it and make all the layers
adhere to each other as strongly as possible. It's a rather spectacular show
of steam and popping and noise. Makes it anneal so it won't come apart.
Hard and able to be honed to a fine edge rather than friable and brittle.

I'm only brittle about those who think I'm bitter. No way...hard times
make ya optimistic. If I got thru THAT and then THAT....ya know? YOU,
yerself, do know, Katester.

I do know for a fact if ya truly understand the source of the adages
you'll know why any particular one lasts thru multiple generations. There's
a kernel of truth that doesn't change no matter what mood yer in. It's
really important that kids talk about all kinds of things with their the cultural values get passed on. Who can argue against "Loose
lips sink ships" even tho' they literally don't anymore? They did for my own
grandparents and that's good enuff for me....and for all who understand how
important it was back then not to let loved ones ashore know where you were
or were going. :-) If there's one thing that Larry R.shared well at ASA it
was the historical context of adages. One can never think of brass balls
and monkeys the same since he shared that. <g>

Hugs from Rosie

"If you wanna get it done, you gotta fight for yourself." -- Meat Loaf, Bat
Outta Hell II
"d'huit" <threecedars@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> i've been thinking a lot, lately, about blanket philosophical statements
> that become culturally inculcated without being questioned. have also
> thinking how some people, with valid insights, disagree with some of these
> blanket philosophical statements, but don't express their insights which
> might be of value to others. so, here's your chance to express
> yourself.<smile>
> just so everybody knows, there are no right or wrong answers to these
> questions. kind of like, "is the glass half-empty or half-full?"
> really have to be one or the other, because the glass can be "too big"
> and/or the glass can be "too dirty, if you can't tell and have to go
> asking people" etc.)
> lots of people have heard this as a general/blanket philosophical
> but i'm turning this one into a more specific question (the response to
> which doesn't have to be specifically about yourself, but can be). here's
> the blanket statement - "That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger."
> the question:
> 1. Does that which doesn't kill you [sic - always] make you stronger, or
> does that which doesn't kill some people make some people . . . ? the
> conclusion (fill in the blank) and thought processes are up to you.<smile>
> 2. What other blanket philosophical statement do you disagree with and
> (expressing your feelings about it, and not just your logic, is also
> allowed.)
> kate