Bengals preseason game

Both teams' starters gave the TV audience an ugly first half featuring
penalties on almost every play. Nonetheless this preseason contest revealed
some alarming deficiencies.

As customary the offense stalled at every red zone opportunity. While Akers
upstaged the home team's kickers, I am concerned that he might set a scoring
record if the Eagles can't solve their dead zone.

The starting offensive line, when not committing penalties, neither blocked
nor protected; the backups played poorly too.

At every fumble, the Eagles watched the Bengals dive for recoveries. I think
that is instinctual and might not be coachable.

On almost every punt, Rocca was almost involved in every tackle. The only
reason I use "almost involved" is because Rocca can't tackle, but the real
concern is such poor punt coverage.

While Vick is arguably the most improved player, he has developed a bad
habit of turnovers, especially ill-advised interception throws.

I know it is still preseason but there is only one game remaining since Reid
traditionally rests everybody for the finale.