Re: Are head coaching salaries guaranteed?

On Dec 31 2007, 7:36 pm, Richard <bloodmi...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Billick had three years left on a contract that pays $5 million per
season. Does he still collect the cha-ching (Assuming he does not sign
with another team and does nothing)? After all - Who would pay him
that kind of coin?


Guess this answers my question....


Peter King of reports that, despite a contract that supposedly
pays $5 million per year for each of the next three seasons, former
Ravens coach Brian Billick might be entitled only to one year's wages.

Per King, the extension signed a year ago by Billick has a club option
for 2009 and beyond. Obviously, that option will not be picked up.

We'd heard rumblings in that regard for much of 2007, and we clearly
recall a cloud of uncertainty as to the terms of the extension in the
wake of its announcement.

The clear goal of the extension was, in our view, to create the
impression that Billick wasn't on the hot seat. But if it's true that
he was guaranteed only one more year beyond 2007, he clearly still

King also reports that the termination was a shock for Billick, who
was preparing to hit the road to interview potential replacements for
former offensive coordinator Rick Neuheisel.


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