Re: Lurie and Banner

"Adam Frankel" <vegas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

We all know that Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner would never fire Reid
before his contract expires. However, Lurie and Banner are extremely
intelligent and they have watched the same games everyone else has
watched. Even if they keep their mouths shut, they have to notice the
same things that the fans notice.

I'm sure they do, but I'm not so sure they care. They are looking at
this from a business perspective. As long as they keep it in the black,
they're doing great. If the fans really want these guys to take notice,
they will need to stop spending moeny on the Eagles. They, like Andy
take the fans for granted and believe that the fans and their money will
always be there regardless of the product they deliver. Want to make a
statement? Don't buy any more team merchandise, don't buy game tickets,
and don't watch them on the TV. If enough people do the same, Lurie will
be forced to either sell the team or fix the team.