Re: Cover

"Spumoni" <spumoni@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I think after last week's debacle the Eagles will cover. The Eagles are 1
point favorites.

Eagles 20 - Vikings 17

Expect it to be ugly anyway.


Dear Lou,

This game will be fun for sentimental reasons. What with the HC of Minnesota
being Brad Childress and all.

It's a little ironic that Childress got his job with no head coaching
experience, as did Andy. In fact, Andy was the QB coach and super-ascended
to head coach.

Andy's only strength was in the gadget play. And it has been years since he
thought of one.

Why did Childress get his job? Because he knows Andy?

Well, this is not a matchup on the field as much as it is a matchup on the

So, I see it as this:

Ried takes a commanding lead with his, what, Eagles is it? Childress
battles back with his, what, Vikes is it?

Toward the end of the game, with the Vikings looking like they will go ahead
(or shoot, maybe even they ARE ahead at this time), Andy's kids, in their
magic underwear, pay a visit to Chilldress' kids. And they lay a good old
beat down with message.


Eagles (away) - 22
Vikings (home) - 21.5

- I'm a homer