Re: Dr. Z Says "Give Jeff 39..."

"Richard" <bloodmidge@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in

"If I were Andy Reid, here's what I would do: I'd construct a gameplan
for the Falcons that would guarantee Jeff Garcia a minimum of 39 pass
attempts. That's how many he needs to officially qualify for the NFL's
rating system. He is currently No. 1 among NFC passers at 96.2, after
Drew Brees and Tony Romo had statistically subpar days, but he doesn't
have enough passes to qualify. You owe it to him, Andy, for all he's
done for you, and yes, I'm fully aware that some serious production
must come from those 39 throws, but I'm not worried."

As a fan, I am grateful for what Garcia has done for the Eagles.
McNabb is a great QB, but in my honest opinion, Garcia is a leader.
You can tell from his (and Westbrook's) quotes and actions that he
demands an all out effort. I wish McNabb would jump off the corporate
bandwagon and sew some stripes on his sleeve... Please resign



I agree with your comments on Garcia's leadership, but there is no way
the Reid should formulate a game plan to help out Garcia's rankings in
the NHL. Who cares what his ranking is if he's getting the job done? If
the plan is to throw the ball 39 times then fine, as long as that is the
best way to beat the Falcons and not because it pads a single players
stats. I think it would be a good idea to get a 2 year deal with Garcia.
From what I've heard, he likes Philadelphia and would take less to stay
in Philly since they took a chance on him when there was very little
interest elsewhere.