Re: Eagles make playoffs?

Longshot if you ask me. I see the Birds losing to NY and Dallas. Giants should have Strahan back for the Philly game.

The DPR wrote:
I think so. None of the current division leaders are likely to be caught in the standings. That leaves just the four 6-6 teams or possibly a lucky 5-7 team (who wins out-fat chance) to get the two wildcard spots.

Below are the remaining schedules for the wildcard hopefuls. The Eagles just need to go 3-1 to earn a playoff berth. If they lose to the Giants they could be in trouble; then again, the Giants might not win another game. The Falcons and Panthers have to play each other and the division leading Cowboys and Saints respectively. I like the Eagles chances IF they can play inspired like they did on Monday night.

@NY Giants

New Orleans

NY Giants
@New Orleans

@Tampa Bay

The 5-7 teams (Minnesota, SF, St.Louis) are all going to lose at least one more game. The best of that bunch is going to be 8-8.

Looks to me like the Eagles have as good a chance as anyone from this group of making it to the postseason.