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Spike wrote:
Clearly that was pass interference on that Lito INT at the end.
Clearly, and in front of two refs. The refs are not going to make the
obvious call in that situation and have to deal with that crowd,

On a lighter note, I was wrong about Garcia/McNabb. There's a clear
difference between them. Garcia's better.

Not that anybody here gives a shit about yer opinion,

I think you couldn't be more wrong. Obviously many of you care about his
opinion, you reply to him. And maybe it's to mock him or make fun, you have
your reasons, but you care that he posts. And I can't figure out why.

A great game like this, and it's dead here. What happens when scavengers
and rodents find food? More come. Do you get what I'm saying?


but that was not
interference. Just because Me-Shawn thinks he's getting a call doesnt
mean he gets it, no matter how much girlycrying and helmet-throwing he
does. Any way you could make your posts disappear *immediately*? Six
days is far too long, and tou'd save yerself some embarassment, if yer
capable of that...