Re: Andrews' Contract Numbers

JP wrote:
Here's the breakdown on Shawn Andrews' new deal with the Eagles according to
a source with knowledge of the contract:
$5 million signing bonus, plus a $5 million roster bonus this year. 2006
base salary: $600,000; 2007: $675,000; 2008: $780,000; 2009: $750,000; 2010:
$2 million; 2011: $2.5 million; 2012: $2.75 million; 2013: $3.75 million;
2014: $5.25 million; 2015: $6.25 million.
The deal also included is a $450,000 workout bonus and Pro Bowl escalators.


Who cares what Didinger says, that's just brilliant work all around. More
than half his bonus money is off the books this season.


That's just because they're "cheap" and don't like paying
players. It's all a grand scheme to avoid paying wide
receivers, and ultimately, to screw over the "woe is me"
contingent of fandom. Some people will be talking next
season about how they are only paying him $675,000
that season. They must be cheap.

Another interpretation is that they will continue to be one
step ahead ofthe rest of the league in terms of sustained
success and savvy salary cap manipulation...and arrogance.
They better win it to justify the arrogance though, you
don't have to be arrogant if you're on top.