Re: 1st Day Draft Predictions

Buddude197 wrote:
Dennis wrote:
Eagles trade down to 17th with Minnesota for their 2nd rounder. Both
selections are just before the Cowboys draft, that gives the Eagles
the 14th and 17th selections in the 2nd round.

Good philosphical post Dennis. Only problem with it is Reids history.
He has never traded down in the 1st round and I don't trust that he
will now.

Reid has never had a 1st round pick in the middle of the 1st round.
The consensus is that the top end is only 8 or 9 players, but
the draft is deep. That lends itself to a scenario where you want
to trade down for draft depth, and a team may get fascinated with
a player and is willing to jump up to get the guy they have a hard-on

When the Eagles traded up for McDougle and Shawn Andrews, there
was a different draft dynamic those years. Both players ended up having
unfortunate injuries, but Andrews still looks to be a phenom. McDougle
will have to get on the field before he can impress anyone...I believe
had no injury history before the pros. Unless the Birds can move up to
to get Ngata or AJ Hawk, they won't like what they can get. 14 isn't a
spot this year with the Eagles' needs. Maybe someone jumps up from
further down and have to give up better picks, I'm not the expert on
but I thought it would be an interesting scenario to trade down for
picks to allow them to trade for Walker. However, if they back off
Hollis Thomas and a late round pick isn't enough, I don't know how
realistic this scenario is.