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Had that difference making Coery Simon at
know, the missing piece to the Super Bowl puzzle. Paul
Grasmanis had better numbers than Simon did against
Pittsburgh...AFTER he went on IR.

Corey Simon is a pretty good tackle...but, as a wise man
recently said, not at 250 K per tackle.

And how about that every down back Duce Staley on the
sidelines, in sweats (again).

It was great, though, seeing Derrick Burgess run wil din
the palyoffs once agai...oh wait....

16 sacks for a bad team, or more than all our defense
ends combined. (Or any combination of defensive line
starters) Wasn't Derricks fault the team stunk anymore then it was
Kearses fault (at 600k per sack) that we stunk. That
production was needed here. The Simon thing is easier to
understand, he wanted to be overpaid so despite his
better fit in our system (and more productivity) it
wasn't worth it. Our defense was awful for a good

I think it was understandable in both cases. Burgess was healthy

for one season and had a career year. I would not bet on him doing

it again in his career. I wish him nothing, but the best. And I sure

wish he was here last season, but I think the Eagles made the right

decision at the time.