Owens Acknowledges Encounter with Childress

T.O. admits run-in with Childress; Reid: 'I'll work it out'

By Keith Pompey


Terrell Owens today acknowledged today that in addition to his argument with
coach Andy Reid yesterday, he also had a verbal exchange with offensive
coordinator Brad Childress this week.

Owens emerged from his Moorestown home about 12:15 today and was met by

When asked about reports that he also had words with Childress Tuesday,
Owens said it was true. When asked if he told Childress not to speak to him
unless Owens spoke to him first, Owens said, "Exactly. I did say that, I am
an honest person. I did say that."

He said that Childress "he was antagonizing me. He was not talking to me in
a business setting."

"I don't have to talk to everybody personally. I don't have to like
everybody personally. All they do is pay me to go in there and practice and
do my job - go to meetings, treatment and that's what I have done."

Owens, his agent Drew Rosenhaus and two other men got into two cars and left
the property. Rosenhaus rode with his brother in the agent's gold
Trailblazer LS; Owens was in his green truck with an unidentified man.

Rosenhaus had arrived at Owens' home about 10:54 a.m. this morning and went
inside for a chat. As he exited his SUV, Rosenhaus was immediately
surrounded by reporters.

There was "nothing to report this morning, check back with us later today.
There's really nothing to report," he said.

Since April, Owens has been trying to renegotiate his seven-year, $49
million contract with the Eagles. He arrived unhappy at training camp at
Lehigh University on Aug. 1, and yesterday he was dismissed after an
argument with Reid.

Owens was given a one-week suspension and told to return next Wednesday.

Following morning practice at camp today, Reid said that he dismissed Owens
over what the coach called an "in-house" dispute.

"I did send him home. He's expected to return next Wednesday," Reid said.
"It's in-house business and it's going to stay in-house. I'll work it out
with T.O. I'm not going to sit here and turn it into a bash session."



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