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the J.E.S.T. JEST JEST JEST have named their prize rookie
as their starter. good luck to him. he'll need it in that
shark pool of NY.

Well, we're gonna find out soon enough if either Pete
Carroll was right, or if Ryan is right. IIRC, Carroll made
a huge public stink about what a mistake Sanchez was making
to go pro. Even if Carroll proves to have been right,
publicly calling his own QB out that way was piss poor,

Carroll was already proven wrong. After Sanchez was selected
5th overall, he proved he made the right decision. If you go
by Mark's first seasons disasters that await him, then
Elway, P. Manning, and Bradshaw all came out at the wrong
time as well.

Proof that Sanchez is an NFL ready QB has nothing to do with
where he was taken in the draft. Carrol's point wasn't that
Sanchez wouldn't be picked early. It was that he'd be a much
better NFL QB if he stayed at USC one more year.

That argument makes no sense. Sanchez is going to be a good QB.

That very well might be true, but my post was whether or not
Carrol will be proven right that he needed more seasoning in
college first, or whether the Jets were right to take him that
early. To say that the Jets were right to take him that early
because they took him that early is nonsense.


You're going to explain to me what that last line means.

I made the simple statement that now that the Jets have decided that
Sanchez is their starting QB, that we'll soon find out if the Jets
are right (to have taken him that early with the expectation that
he's NFL ready), or if Carroll is right that he's not, and needed
another year at USC.

To that simple proposition, which contained no prediction on my part
as to which was true, you said "Carroll was already proven wrong.
After Sanchez was selected 5th overall, he proved he made the right

Carroll's primary point wasn't that he shouldn't come out because he
wouldn't be selected high enough.  His point was that Sanchez wasn't
as NFL ready as he would be if he had chosen to stay at USC for
another year, and that he'd ultimately be more successful in the
long run with more college seasoning.

I don't know if Carroll is correct about that, or if the Jets were
correct in deciding that he was the real deal right now.  But I do
know that we'll *probably* find out now that the Jets have appointed
him their starter.

Anyway, a player should come out when he can make the biggest
splash in the draft, not when he is going to be a great player
right away. Like I said in my other post, Leinart is a prime
example of a guy that stayed that extra season and had it blow
up in his face.

Are you under the impression that I disagreed with any of that?  If
not, then it seems like a non sequitur.

OK,. I'm just going to address the point on being NFL ready. Matt Ryan
and Joe Flacco have infected the minds of NFL fans that all QB's can
come into the league be able to take a team to the playoffs. That is
more an exception than the rule. I think only the most unrealistic
fans think Sanchez is going to start playing like Drew Brees right
away. Do you recall how Drew Brees played on the Chargers until they
drafted Rivers?
If Sanchez comes in and stinks the place up, I don't think it means
Carroll was right or that he is not NFL ready, I think what it really
means is he is just better at this stage than Clemens or that Clemens
was only a small amount better and he will surpass him soon.
I fully expect a lot of trolls in the Jets NG very soon because I
doubt the Jets will get off to a fast start. I believe it is very
possible we go 1-5 in the first 6 games with a rookie QB and Pace
being suspended. There will be a lot of people calling him a bust.