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Since the inception of the salary cap and the franchise tag,
no team has ever used the FT on a non-franchise-type player.

Excuse me??? Tebucky Jones was a "franchise-type player?"
Panthers tackle Jordan Gross is a "franchise-type player?"
Linebacker Karlos Dansby of the Cardinals is a "franchise-type

Are any of these guys "franchise-type players":

Stacy Anderson, tackle, Bengals
Cory Redding, defensive tackle, Lions
Jeff Backus, tackle, Lions

And that's just in the past 3 years.......

With the exception of Jones, another Patriots player, every
other player was kept by the team that tagged him. And they
were much more franchise- type players than Cassel, and not
tagged merely to trade them.

I'll take your failure to answer the question at face value.

In addition, the players above who signed long-term contracts
signed them for close to their franchise tender. Do you think
anyone will trade a 1st and pay Cassel $14M/year? How about
$12M/year even?

I don't know if the Pats would get a first rounder for Cassel,
but I know a lot of teams would be quite willing to pay Cassel
an eight digit bonus.  Cassel signing the tender offer is a
prerequisite of any trade the Patriots my like to make.  Cassel
has to be under contract to the Patriots in order for them to
have the right to trade him.  So Cassel is being extremely
cooperative by signing the tender.  If he pulled an Asante
Samuel and refused to sign it, the Pats would be really screwed.

IIRC, he couldn't just go play for another team if he refused to
sign it.   I think that once the Pats tag him, the Pats
automatically get 2 first round picks if another team signs him, and
the Pats don't match the offer.  If that's anywhere near correct, I
think it means that he's not being as cooperative as you might think
he's being.

No, that's not quite right.  Even though the Patriots tagged him,
Cassel is technically a free agent, albeit a restricted one.  If he
were tagged but not under contract to the Patriots, he can sign with
any team (inclucing, say, the Jets), without the Patriots permission.
If he does that, two first round picks are automatically sent from the
signing team to the Patriots.  No one is going to give two first
rounders for him, so that makes him essentially dead in the water in
reality, despite the technicality that he is free to sign anyplace.
By signing the tender offer, now the Pats can shop him around anyplace
they want, for any price they want.

Neil X.

But what if cassel refuses to sign a contract with the other team the
Pats want to trade him to because the contract would not pay him 14
mil in the forst year. Signing bonus's are not always paid 100%