Re: Patriots: the Marion Jones of the NFL

Not at 2 MPH! That's what this whole thing equates to.
I'm not saying a little bit of cheating is OK, but there are
various levels of it. If you cheat the feds for $50 by not
declaring some junk sold on Ebay while IBM cheats them
out of 10 mil, there is a big difference and a bigger difference
in the penalties. There isn't even any proof that what Belichick
did helped in victories. None at all! Belichick ran the proverbial
stop sign at 2 MPH and no victories were recinded. His
blatant arrogance in defying Goodell is what got him in trouble.

I don't think the Patriots won because of cheating, I am just saying
it's a negative practice. It's more negative because they didn't NEED
to cheat to win. But we look at the greatest team in the NFL history
and find out they are no better than Marion Jones.

But they are better. What Jones did had a evidential effect on her
victories and it could be proven. I'll ask you one more time.
Can you prove that what Belichick did had any effect on the outcome
of any game?

You don't see a
problem there? A contradiction in our observance of sports and in how
kids see players as role models?

Belichick isn't a player. He's an old dude that a kid won't use
as a role model. Beside, the athlete as role a model issue has
been beaten to death and doesn't apply here. Your twisting
the discussion in a different direction. This is about the Pat's
season being tainted by Spygate.

Do you you tell your kid that there are various levels of cheating?
Are those the values that you teach?

Well I don't have any kids, but if my kids did ask me if Belichick
cheated I'd say yes. I'd further explain that even though it was
wrong and should not be emulated, it would not be as egregious
as intentionally hurting another player, and possibly ending their career,
to win. Life and our social codes and laws are entirely based on
varying levels of punishment determined by the severity of an action.
Why should football be any different? Why is holding 10 yards
and offsides only 5?

All I am asking is for you guys
to admit you were wrong but you can't do it. That is very telling.

That's not true. I totally admitted he cheated. We just disagree
on the severity.