Re: Adjusting W/o Samuel

On Jun 21, 2:32 pm, "Paul Dalrymple" <PBudDalrym...@xxxxxxxxxxx>
And is he a "product of the system", easily replaced?

I don't see the logic in an individual who has made 2 million in 4
year career decide that the risk of injury is too great to leave $7.9
million on the table and miss the first 10 games of the season for a
pro-rated amount of $2.9 million for the last 6 games of the regular
season. That's $5 million he is unlikely to ever see - that's plain
dumb and Samuel is a lot of other things but that. My feeling is that
he and his agent are trying to rattle the Patriots into trading or
cutting him by threatening to hold out. That's just not happening
unless the Pats get a first rounder, if not more, at the very least.