Re: OT: POEM - Illegal Immigrants

On Fri, 15 Jun 2007 21:45:40 -1000, Tony Jaa
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Barnabas Collins wrote:

|>Thanks to you,
Typical right wing drivil. They'll bitch and moan about welfare
for a mother to feed her kids but ignore billions of dollars in
corporate welfare for planes that won't fly, guns that won't shoot,
Haliburton stealing billions from our troops, but by golly they'll
seek the death penalty for a mom getting a few hundred dollars in
food stamps.

even though they are illegally in the country as felons...........

why do you support anyone who breaks the law?

You do realize many of the women on food stamps in this country are
here fully legally and are citizens of the US of A? And they're
raising kids for men in the US of A who refuse to take responsibility
for their sperm?

Don't assume that they are automatically breaking the law.