Re: Pats' Dynasty: Watered-Down Era?

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No, but they play baseball, right, or soccer? And here's what might
happen. Suppose in Community X there are two fall sports options:
soccer and football. 20 years ago, all the kids in the town (heavy
caucasian and African-American populations, very small Hispanic
population) were evenly divided among the two sports. Now, an influx
of Hispanics come in. Sure, they don't play football, but their big
sport is soccer. And guess what? They're better than the caucasian
and African American kids (for example). So now, 20 years later, all
these Hispanic kids are playing soccer at a high level, so what sport
do the caucasian and African American kids choose? Football.

Also, I really wouldn't say Asians don't play football. I know plenty of
Asians who played high school and even college ball. Hell, even my high
school football coach used to bust my balls when playing pick-up
basketball games because he wanted me to play football. I was just
better in soccer and knew I wanted to play in college. Whether Asian
Americans have played football proportional to their population compared
to whites or African Americans is another question.

Right. And those are questions I have no idea how to research.