Re: Trade comparison

"MZ" <mark@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Cowboys trade #22 overall for the Browns first round pick next year and
#36 overall.

Patriots trade #28 overall for the 49ers first round pick next year and
#110 overall.


How much more is the #22 pick worth in comparison to the #28 pick?

With Brady Quinn still sitting on the board as the only top rated player in
the draft? A lot. That's the difference in worth. A whole helluva lot.

The Jags got #86 (3rd) and #198 (6th) for moving down from #17 to #21. I
think the Pats should have expected to get AT LEAST that much, especially
when you consider that the Jags merely moved down a few slots, not
postponed it a whole year.

The Browns 1st round pick next year is clearly worth more than the 49ers
1st pick. So I think the Pats should have been looking for an early
second rounder like what the Cowboys got even though the pick they traded
was later.

MZ, what are you not understanding about this? Cleveland needs a QB. Many
thought they'd take Quinn at #3. They passed on him. It was shocking to
see him still there after Miami's pick at #9. For him to be available at
#22 and Cleveland willing to deal ... and the next pick possibly resulting
in his being drafted by another team, that gave HUGE value to that pick. He
is their franchise quarterback. After he was off the board, there simply
was not anyone left that was nearly as exciting or promising or a potential
franchise turning player. To make the comparison is just foolish.