Re: OT What about Cho's parents?

Much as we all want assess blame, I guess to feel like there is some way
prevent something like this from happening, sometimes, some people go
haywire...batshit nuts...snap. I heard that his roommates at school knew
he was loony. He never spoke to them...not even a hello.
You mean they never saw signs...never noticed he had weapons and stocked
up on ammo recently? No clues at all? You know what? Maybe he gave off
no clues, but just quietly kept to himself and finally went off. I guess
we'll never know. I might get flamed by the NRA types, but although I
believe in a citizens right to bear arms to a point, if we made it a bit
harder for crazies like this to arm themselves to the teeth, maybe at
least we could limit the magnitude of damage when some lost soul loses it.
Shit is always going to happen, all you can hope for is to minimize the
casualties when it does.

actually, if the other students had been better armed, it might have
saves their lives.
in all seriousness, there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about someone
acting freaky, they have to do something wrong before the authorities have
any right to invade his privacy & civil rights.