Re: Krafty weasled outta the Colts opener

On Mar 26, 8:52 pm, "Selin" <laserstrike...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Danny, why do you hate the Patriots so much?


I love the Pats...been a fan since I was a kid...same with the Bruins,
just not a fan of the owners.

I have no problem with the Krafts. They are the best owners the Patriots
ever had.
Sure they aren't perfect, but who the hell is!!? Who would you prefer, the
"wet lips"? Victor Kiam? Nah... give us Krafty any day..

Amen. You know. If Kraft was the biggest Dick in the world and still
gave the Pats a chance to win a Super Bowl every year more power to
him. Since when does a fan give a rats ass about the owner of his
favorite team if they're winning? Please Daniel child, enligten us
as to what you want in an owner of the Pats besides one of the most
admired, succesful organizations in professional sports? What's your
last name Borges?