Re: Pats/Dolphins trade involving Welker

Beiselbub wrote:

Smart move; it saves them having to outbid the Dolphins. A seventh
rounder is a throw away pick anyway

Is it worth getting worried about losing an additional 7th round pick
in exchange for more cap space? You be the judge. Here is a list of
the Pats 7th round picks during the Belichick era:

2001 Owen Patchman K
2001 TJ Turner ILB
2002 Antoine Womack RB
2002 David Givens WR
2003 Spencer Nead FB
2003 Tully Banta-Cain OLB (played DE in college)
2003 Ethan Kelley DT
2004 P.K. Sam WR
2005 Andy Stokes TE
2006 Willie Andrews S

Banta-Cain and Givens ended up being starters. Givens was a stud,
Banta-Cain a major contibutor on special teams. But TBC is not likely
ever to make a big impact as a starter on defense. Sam is still in
the NFL, but never made the Patriots roster. Andrews is still on the
Pats, but he hasn't done anything of note yet. (Althought rumor has
it that the Pats are high on his potential.)

My opinion is that if they save enough money on the contract to sign a
lower level free agent, it's probably worth it. Of course, we have no
idea how Pioli and Belichick assess the draft this year, and whether
or not they feel there is actually value to be had in the 7th round.

Neil X.