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Horrible signing, if true. He's not a very good TE, and a $2M signing
bonus is ridiculous.

They basically just signed another another OL with this deal.

I was about to say the same thing. 6'-6, 280, and he only had three
TDs over the past four seasons. He is a lineman. Still, he probably
makes the goal line running game more effective. With the loss of
Dillon they are going to need some power in the red zone. Does anyone
know what kind of hands he has? Jacksonville is mostly a running
team. He is a huge target if he can catch the football.

He's had 23
catches (total) in the past two seasons. That's about as one-dimensional as
you get.

Of course, Graham only had 36 catches over the past two seasons and he
missed a lot more games. Graham was pretty one-dimensional too.

I disagree here. I think Graham has more receiving ability than his
stats have shown, because the Pats have consistently employed a
discount o-line. In the right system, and used properly, Graham could
double his receiving stats. I thought his hands were actually
improving, especially after all the drops by Watson.

Graham is a nice guy, by all accounts a good team player but he never should
have been a 1st round pick. Am I throwing him under the bus? Hardly. He's
a good player just not 1st round material, IMHO.

Agreed, I think he was early second round in a deeper draft.

Biesel I think comparing their receiving statistics is a tad
misleading because Graham had Tom Brady throwing the ball to him while
Brady had Leftwich and Gerard doing that for him. Don't you think that
makes a huge difference? I mean you saw what Brady was able to do with
Branch and Givens and how they struggled when someone else was
throwing the passes. Similarly Brady turned two relative castoffs in
Caldwell and Gaffney into more than useful pass catching threats

I agree that Graham has some serious pass catching ability but
sometimes he gets hands of stone and at other times he seems to lose
track of the play. That's when he becomes invisible in critical
passing situations. Still I have great respect for Graham's skills
both as a catcher and as a blocker and wish that he comes back but I
guess it is not going to happen