Re: OT - NY Times "How Democrats Hurt Jobs"

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: A final point, taken from the Economist: Boeing's
: main competitor, EADS (Airbus), is "hardly
: non-unionized. If Boeing is having more trouble with
: its unions than its competitors are, it's possible
: that the fault lies with the company, rather than
: with the unions".

Heaven forbid they have to pay their workers well...after all look at
what they have to pay in taxes!

Boeing's wartime tax rate: less than zero

Boeing was in this group. The company made $9.7 billion in profits in
2008, 2009 and 2010. It paid nothing in federal taxes, booking $178
million back from the government in various credits, for a total
federal tax rate of -1.8 percent.

(yet they spent millions on lobbying for a lower tax rate...)

"I think in testimony I heard earlier that Boeing would like lower
taxes," said Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif. "How much lower could you
possibly need?"

nothing but failed arguments from the to bottom
anybody really believe this election is close???