Re: SI Commentary on Donaghy's Book

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Chainsaw wrote:

Maybe this is just old news by now but the fact that the NBA was able
to squelch publication of this book is outrageous and shameful and lends
nothing but credence to Donaghy's accusations.

Just perhaps the NBA is fighting lies being published...what should they
do wait until they are out there and sue?

The guy is a nutcase that is trying to make money off his crimes.
He is into revenge...

This is a guy that gets snubbed at the golf course and stalks the wife
for 18 holes and then when they file a complaint goes to their house and
burns the tractor and runs the golf cart into a gully.
He then intimidates them with stories of his mob connections to get them
to drop a law suit.

A mailman bumps his recycle bin and Donaghy chases the truck and tries
to run him off the road several times and threatens the mail carrier at
every stop.

I read the report he filed that got 'Sheed suspended for seven games and
it did not match anyone else's description of an exchange of cuss words.

Not that anyone will ever accuse me of being Gandhi, but I for one
admit I was hoping someone would shiv that mutha in the Big House.