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 My question for
Vince jockers is the same for fans of his cousin.  If Vince is so
good, then why has he never won anything?  They've both been on t
with talent before, but have never done anything remotely

Garnett never won anything until he went to the Cs. AFA T-Mac, he
always injured.

so T-Mac has an excuse???

While he was with the Magic, they sucked (what's new) so no chance to
win anything there. While in Houston, if he wasn't hurt, Yao was.

I can't comment on the Raptors, because I didn't follow them.

So, yeah, I would say he has an excuse.

He needs to start working out in the off season and build up that body
he doesn't keep getting injured...or do you think all his injuries were
just bad luck?

He has bad discs in his back.

I also have a bad back....degenerative disc disease

I was almost killed in an auto accident in 82...I have compessed dics at
the t6-t7 level and have had pain daily since then(had to quit dealing 21
cuz I couldn't lean over the table anymore)...I was out of work for 4 years
due to the intense chronic is not an option...doctors told
me to learn to live with the pain...I wife now has 3 bad dics and
is bedridden because of it...she will have to have surgery hopefully soon

In '05 and '07 I was treated by the same doctor that he was.

TMac only sees a Chiropractor???

We both had VAX-D therapy, which definitely helps, but it isn't a cure
for non-surgical back problems.

like I said TMac needs to build those muscles to prevent more problems

In my case, I will feel fine for months, but within a day, I can
hardly walk because I'm in so much pain.

I hurt my lower back at work a few years ago...couldn't get out of bed for
2 days....almost ruined my streak of never missing 3 days in a row for 20
years (87-07)...even when my wife was in the hospital for her first brain
surgery in 98...thank God I haven't hurt that disc again since my wifes
last surgery on 3/10/08 at UCLA...I've been working 24/7 since then taking
care of her...sick, hurting or not...
I guess if I was making millions I would be malingering too...

Damn.... brain surgery!? That's not good. I feel for you and your
wife, seriously!

No one knows how bad a back injury can be until they've have had one.

I went to 4 different back specialists and they told me the same
thing, live with it and take pills! No surgery available for my

Then I heard about the VAX-D therapy. When I visited this doctor (he's
not a quack chiropractor like many are) he told me that he could get
me off of my meds, and hopefully heal me.

At the time I was wearing Duragesic patches, and taking three
oxycodone a day!

It was rough going at first, because he was weaning me off of the meds
that my other doctor was prescribing me. I was going through major
withdrawals after being on them for 2 yrs., but after seeing him for 6
straight weeks (5 days a week) he was true to his word.

Got me off the meds, and I felt MUCH better. Told me to keep doing the
back exercises, and I should be OK. He didn't "heal" me, but I'm drug
free now, and my back is much better than it was when I walked in his

Getting back to T-Mac, the reason he was going there was because
Dr.Thornton was the only doctor in Orlando that had a VAX-D therapy
machine. If you still have back problems, you might want to look into

Only problem is, most insurance companies won't pay for it and it is
very expensive. This was a work comp claim for me, and I wouldn't
settle my case until they approved the treatment and agreed to pay for
the ENTIRE process.