Re: LA Times poll - Who is the best power forward in L.A. Lakers history?

Gary Collard wrote:

Wow, really good question.

The thing is, Baylor played basically as a 4 much of the time, but it's
hard to really call him one especially by modern standards.

If I were to approach this question from the standpoint of putting together the best lineup of Laker greats (by modern standards of size and skill), my power forward would be Mikan.

Alson Wong wrote:

A.C. Green 30.3%
Bob McAdoo 17.4%
Robert Horry 13.7%
Kurt Rambis 12.1%
Happy Hairston 8.2%
Mychal Thompson 5.7%
Lamar Odom 4.3%
Sam Perkins 3.6%
Kermit Washington 2.5%
Rudy LaRusso 2.2%

My vote went to Hairston. IMO McAdoo and Thompson shouldn't be on the list
since they were primarily backup centers.