Re: Kobe is the LUCKiest bitch I've ever seen......

Good Deal wrote:

ohhh ok..
so u drink liquids only huh?

That's right - and semen isn't on the menu like it is on yours.

that's good enough..
if u could fit a straw in ur mouth...
u got no problem sticking kobe's dick in ur mouth while u do some tongue
actions to it...

I sure hope Kobe's dick doesn't fit in a straw, but I know you know
it doesn't - since you're been servicing it for so long.

I and all the other Laker fans approve of your servicing Kobe on
all the road trips. I think he's enjoying it enough to come out
of that shooting slump he was in. You must have really done a
number before that Rocket game - he was hot out there (19-32 for
43 points).