Tabata and Christian Garcia update

Let's hope this procedure will take care of Jose's hand/wrist injury
problems for good.

Yanks Prospects Tabata, Garcia Injured
By Chris Kline
August 17, 2007

Yankees outfielder Jose Tabata will miss the remainder of the season
after surgery to remove the hamate bone in his right wrist.

The injury has bothered the 19-year-old outfielder since playing in
the Venezuelan Winter League, and he's seen five different hand
specialists over the past year to get a proper diagnosis.

"It's a six-week rehab and he's going to be fine," Yankees senior vice
president of baseball operations Mark Newman said. "He tried to play
through it and he shouldn't. He's had problems with it on an off for a
while and it really bothered him on a swing. We got him in for an MRI
that revealed the damage."

Tabata has gone through various stints on the disabled list at high
Class A Tampa this season, where he batted .307/.371/.392 in 411 at-
bats. Hitting for average was no problem for the Venezuelan teenager
who signed for $550,000 in 2005 and has drawn comparisons to Manny

But the lack of power has clearly been an issue-Tabata hit just 16
doubles and five home runs in the Florida State League. He is slated
to have the surgery next week in Tampa.

"We're waiting to see how this goes," Newman said. "Playing in winter
ball is a secondary priority right now. This procedure has been done
many, many times and we're hopeful he'll be set to begin rehabbing

Double Jeopardy: The Yankees got hit with more bad news recently when
righthander Chris Garcia sustained a knee injury and needed surgery.

Garcia, a third-round pick out of a Miami high school in 2004, was
rehabbing from Tommy John surgery at the time of the injury and isn't
expected to begin rehabbing again until November.

"He was doing some running as part of his rehab from (Tommy John),"
Newman said. "As fate would have it, this happened. It's like serving
a concurrent sentence for a criminal. We expect him to be ready to go
in the spring."


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