Re: GC: Pinchrunning too early

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Isn't a lot of what we do here futile, then? The front office
management has improved a lot over the past year. I can hope
Clueless/his replacement can improve, can't I? And if not, at least let
me complain! :-)
We can easily solve this problem by releasing Cairo.
Vinnie S.
Fine with me. But he did this with Enrique Wilson too. So as soon as he
falls in love with the next bench guy, they need to get a different
player :-)
I have just had enough of Cairo.
Vinnie S.
If they had put in any effort I'd think they could've gotten someone
better over the off-season. From all appearances, they didn't put in
any effort.

There really weren't any alternatives. There were reports that
Cashman had inquired about Wigginton, but the price was ridiculous.
One thing we have to remember (and it was the same with Gregg Zaun
whom the Yanks almost signed) is that anyone decent in the FA market
probably wouldn't sign with the Yanks as they're looking at almost non-
existent playing time behind ARod, Jeter and Robbie (knock on wood).
The only chance they have IMHO is via trade or waiver wire like Walker
(but the A's had prior pick IIRC).

What about Walker? Did they go after him? They also made a couple trades. They could've tried to get someone as a throw in.