Re: Mike & The Mad Dog

On Thu, 12 Jan 2006 01:24:03 -0500, "Erasmus \"The Mannequin\" Brown"
<hotsoup@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I had to choose today to tune into their radio show.
>It's well-established that what they DON'T know about baseball you could
>fill every stadium in the country and fill the Grand Canyon with the
>remainder, but that's nothing compared to what they said when a caller
>opined that "Raging Bull" was the "best sports movie of all time."
>Mad-Dog said he didn't like it because of "all the curse words." He said
>"every other word out of Joe Pesci's mouth is a curse word."
>(Chris was almost certainly thinking of "Goodfellas" or "Casino.")
>Mike did say it was a great movie - then he had to ruin it by saying,
>"Scorsese has made a lot of bad movies, but Raging Bull is a great one."
>I thought it was precious. Perhaps when they finish instructing Martin
>Scorsese and Paul Schrader on how to make films, they can teach Lance
>Armstrong how to ride a bike.

Bad News Bears was the best.

Vinnie S.