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 If he does that, more power to him, but this is the player David Wright
almost had to pull of the field because he wouldn't give in you being
nearly crippled on the field.


Oliver Perez got 3 yrs at 36 million.  At any one given time there are
at least one or two completely stupid GM's in the game who don't know
how to think.

Yeah - but that contract was signed when pitching was at its maximum
premium and the economy was roaring.  I would just like to say for the
record, that the Perez contract has been a complete meltdown, but I admit
to being in favor of the contract.

In any event, it is a different market at the moment.


I agree it's a different market, but keep in mind that Chone Figgins,
a guy with a career OPS+ under 100 got a 4 year/$36 million deal.
Figgins doesn't play SS, which is historically one of the most
difficult positions to fill.  I think if Reyes hit the open market
you'd see anywhere from 5/60 to 5/75 as the going rate.

I see your point, but Chone Figgins is CLUTCH, and not a stat padder.

Seriously, he's is diffentely over paid.  Reyes has, at least at this
point, an injury history.  I'll have to give this more thought, but I
will say that we have been spoiled by Reyes for a long time and I'm not
certain we can get a better SS situation over the next 5 years.


But Reyes is a 'burner'!

I just don't think it's a good investment. It's no different from the
Santana or Bay or Pedro Martinez contracts. The Mets have to stop
paying players for what they did as opposed to what they are going to
do. It is worth noting that with Wright and Reyes they're at least
paying them for things they did as Mets . . . but even so, that
practice has to stop. Santana has made twice as much money already in
NY in 3 years as he did in 8 years in Minnesota. Meanwhile, he's been
less the pitcher. It's like going over to your neighbor's house and
really liking the paint job and calling the painter and saying, 'come
paint my house the same way and I'm going to pay you twice as much'
and then the painter shows up but unfortunately he got in an accident
the day before and now he has only one arm so it's going to take him
twice as long and isn't even sure he'll ever finish.

That's what the Santana, Bay, Pedro Martinez, and Carlos Beltran
contracts are like.

I was in favor the Santana deal, an ACE CY YOUNG caliber pitcher in his
prime. But it does just goes to show you that Pitching Contracts are
always a risk, everytime. But up until now, Santana has given the Mets
their value in the rotation.