Re: What is the "bottom line" on Wright and Reyes, going forward ?

On 2010-09-28, montygraham <monty1945@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm not going to argue about what constitutes rudeness.

that is because your arrogant AND uncoachable.

But lets argue about rudeness. Are you really under the delussion that
your not rude?

Please do tell...the world wants to know more!

I can "take
it," but it's ridiculous to accuse me of being rude when others are
being vicious and disgusting towards me.

Hey - your the one suggesting that you don't believe in AID's and wants
to be injected with HIV.

If you find that vicious and discusting towards you, then CHANGE...and

Talk to them about it, if
it's a big concern of yours.

That is because your Arrogant and a Coward. You brought it up. Nobody
else did.

When people use such language over such
"minor" discussions,

"Minor" discussions? You've written a freaken book... we are WAY past
minor. Your are a MAJOR lunatic, and a PIA troll.

I do think there is a mental stability issue, and
I suggest they seek professional help, seriously (not as an insult).

Is that us or David Wright who your not insulting now?

As to Wright, he said he wanted to get back to 2008 form, but he has
not been able to accomplish this for two years in a row now.

Are you going to repeat the same shit all over again? YOU are utterly
HOPELESS. Suck on some cholesterol.

The idea
that he is coming into his prime is simply not warranted based on

BASED on WHAT? Which All Star player with a 130 OPS+ is NOT in his
prime at 28 years of age?

whether it's because of his personality, because pitchers
have "figured him out," or for some other reason.

Which part of a 130OPS+ don't you get? It is insulting that your so

You could have said
this about Ollie Perez not that long ago,

Really? Perez had a 130 OPS+ and a 5 WARS?

Comparing Perez to David Wright just proves how Uncoachable and Arrogant
you are.

but now he looks totally
"washed up."

Totally....expect he is on a Hall of Fame career projection.

Whether he can get back to 2008 is not known,

Does he have a time machine?

and the
Mets will have to decide on a clear direction at this point or risk
"floundering" for several more years.

It is insulting to suggest that David Wright, the greatest hitter in
Mets History, is causing the team to "Flounder". If I had 9 David
Wrights, I bet the Mets can win a few more games.

I have a feeling they will use
the last 4 years as an excuse to make major changes,

Nobody cares what you feel. Your a nut case.

but even though I
like this approach, they may make some major mistakes. I don't know
if Wright is "coachable,"

He might have a 130 OPS+ and be a stellar Gold Glove 3rd baseman... oh
that is right...he already IS.

for example, but if I were the owner I would
need to determine this before deciding if a trade was even worth
thinking about.

But your not an owner. Your a sick man listening to Mike Franseco all
day... and that is reality. Everything else is delusional.

A major problem here is that the owners seem "out to lunch," and they
give no "guidance" to the public.

I can't read the rest of this crap. Your so far off the end of the
cliff at this point that your writing has become like the ramblings of a
mad man in the psyc ward of Belvue...

Your posts read like Mein Kampf...

they are hately, selfabsorbed, redundant, boring, rambling and painful
to read....

If they are "playing it close to
the vest" so as not to let other teams know what their real intentions
are, that's great, but from what I've seen it's more likely that they
are lost and have no idea what to do, other than fire Jerry. I am
making suggestions about what I have seen and what I have heard from
people like the Mets commentators. After what I've seen of this team
over the last several years and also what seems to be a "penny-
pinching" approach, I would rather see a bunch of young players like
Duda and Davis, with a few veterans they can get "on the cheap." In
other words, just about everyone could be cut or sent to the minors
easily. The "nightmare scenario" is if they pay Wright and Reyes huge
money with 5+ year deals, and we just get the same, if not worse. I'm
hoping that they have already decided not to give either one of them
big deals and instead test the market for them. Then, if they can't
make a good deal, and they have "bouncback years" in 2011, they can
keep them in good conscience. If not, they can trade them right
before the trade deadline and just make the best deal possible, also
obtaining "addition by subtraction."

Blah Blah Blah Blah BLah...

Let us know when your done so we can ignore you again.


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