Re: What is the "bottom line" on Wright and Reyes, going forward ?

His last three years:

Last 3 yrs Team G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K SB CS AVG OBP
2008 NYM 160 626 115 189 42 2 33 124 94 118 15 5 .302 .
390 .534 .924
2009 NYM 144 535 88 164 39 3 10 72 74 140 27 9 .307 .
390 .447 .837
2010 NYM 148 554 80 158 35 3 25 95 67 154 19 11 .285 .
357 .495 .852

What Wright said before this season started, in the link I provided:

"I felt very uncomfortable in the batter's box [in 2009] ...

It's up to me to go out there and do what I'm capable of and I think
there were times last year that I did not do that...

I'm ready to go. I'm excited. We have a lot to prove. I have some
things to prove."

Wright's 2010 is no better than his 2009, individually, or in terms of
his contribution to the team (and last year the injury situation was
significantly worse). The major difference seems to be that he
"swapped" average for HRs. 2009 and 2010 pale in comparison to 2008.
The strikeouts vs. walks is particularly "ugly" (comparing 2008 to the
average of 2009 and 2010), but SLG and OPS have also declined
sharply. He said he had to prove that he could get back to his 2008
level, and he failed utterly. How many more years does he get to try
and prove this? Of course, none of you will answer this question, but
instead talk of "lunacy" when in fact you are the ones who are
borderline incoherent at best. I provided the citation which included
his own words about his hitting, and you can't even allow that into
your minds. I hope you all live your lives in a way that is
substantially more reasonable than the way you view the Mets !


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