Re: I'm sick of Pelfrey

On Mon, 6 Sep 2010 20:52:29 -0700 (PDT), montygraham
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You can have whatever opinion you wish but there is only one that
matters. It's just as easy to make the case, for example, that your
"youthful core" amounts to a "question mark" at first base,

He's a rookie, you cretin. Don't young players get a chance to
develop and improve on Monty World?

an injury-
riddled shortstop, and a third baseman who has seen his best days and
will only decline in value from now on.

Well, we could cite that stats that show you're wrong, but you only
believe in statistics that support your misconceptions. So rather
than make the case based on Wright's age (27) or his production this
season (133 OPS+), it would be a lot simpler and quicker just to
remind everyone that you're an idiot.

There is no way to know for
sure which course is best, but one thing is clear, and that is that
there is no excuse for not playing fundamentally sound baseball. For
instance, if there is a runner on third base and one out, you don't
take your home run swing when you get two strikes on you. Perhaps you
can somehow communicate that to Wright and the other position players
on this team, because Jerry sure hasn't been able to do it.

So I guess you weren't aware that Wright is batting .387 with a runner
on third and less than two out this season? Or that he leads all of
major league baseball in sacrifice flies with 12? Because if you
did know those things, then you'd probably realize that everything you
just wrote above is absolute bullshit.

Don't worry, though. Everyone else does.