Re: When Beltran Returns

I just ran through their historical failure to develope and real
offense.  I left off that list my personal favorite player though,
Hubbie Brooks.

Ah . . . Hubie! You know, I was excited when the Mets got him back in
1991. Of course, this was when I thought 91 RBI's was a meaningful
number for predicting how a guy who do going forward.

What a classic outlier 1/2 a season he had in 1986 though!

Consider the Expo's developed Dawson, Raines, Wallach, Parrish, Walker,
Carter, Alou and Guerraro.

When you look at 50 years of Mets baseball, you start to see why
continuous offensive success has been so elusive.  Everybody thinks
it's been the 'pitcher's ballparks'.  I think it's been the roster

Its been both...and even making it worse they have consistantly traded
their best offensive prospects.


Which magnifies the very true concept that hitting prospects tend to
develop far more reliably then pitching prospects. If you're going to
trade a prospect, trade the pitcher. The chances are much lower he
actually develops. If a guy rakes in the minors, the odds are he'll
rake in the big leagues.