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Oliver Perez, P - New York Mets
June 4 @ 7:20pm CT
Perez may have knee injury - reports that Oliver Perez is
dealing with a knee injury.

Our View

The Mets have been trying to get Perez to accept a minor league assignment
to work on his mechanics, but he has been reluctant. Now all of a sudden a
knee injury pops up. It's a fishy situation, but his season did end abruptly
last year due to a knee injury, which required surgery. Regardless of the
validity of the ailment, he's likely not going to be pitching in the bigs
for a while and shouldn't be owned in any format.

Whatever it takes.

Got to float the trial balloon out there so it doesn't seem too
ridiculous. I saw Jeff Wilpon at The Hospital for Special Surgery
buying bad knee x-rays