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I heard an interview with Nelson Figueroa. I cannot find any article on
he said the difference was between the Mets and Phils. He said that
were no pool tables and video games, etc. in the Phils clubhouse. And
the Phils were all business. Which was different from the Mets'
Thank you Figgy for supporting my long stated contention that the
have created a country club atmosphere. To me, the Wilpons believe their
team is a stable of race horses, to be pampered and coddled. Until the
Wilpons step aside from the day to day, this team will not succeed and
eventually not care if they win or lose.

There's no more well-appointed clubhouse in the majors than the one at
Yankee Stadium, but all that pampering and coddling hasn't seemed to
hurt them any on the field.   If you spend enough money on talent,
none of this other stuff matters.

There is accountability on the Yanks. Their ownership and organization are
about WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS. The Wilpons and their organization are about
meaningful games in September.

Exactly.    And in the end, that has much more to do with where the
two organizations stand than whether there are video game machines in
the clubhouse or internet terminals in the locker room.

Don't you think those "distractions" are symbolic of a less than
business-like approach to the real business?

Not really, no.   If the team is run professionally and consists of
professional people, then these little perks shouldn't matter.  If, on
the other hand, the players really are allowing this stuff to distract
them from their job on the field, then there's something wrong with
this particular mix of players.;_ylt=ArfG_eRHz98OZ_lky4_w0XN7vLYF?urn=nhl,240004