Re: Invoice for 2010

"Paul Krause" <p.e.krause@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Very surprised. My Sat 15 game plan of 2 seats (10 Sat and 5 weekday) in
Promenade Reserved went down about $200.

The Mets also have a two payment plan so you don't have to pay all at

I had not planned to renew my seats but now I have to think about it.

Need to decide by Dec 18th. Think I'll watch closely as to any moves the
team makes, but if prices are cut that much they probably will be
tighter than usual on spending to improve the team.

If any deals(?) are made, they will be lousy and after Dec. 18th. Up until
then, the Mets will be floating rumors about anybody worth anything. Just to
sucker you in, AGAIN.............