Re: Anderson Hernandez is back

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It's like Omar just locks onto these guys . . .

They need a middle infielder...FWIW

Understood, but instead of going out and looking for someone in
somebody's system who might actually have upside, he goes and gets a
guy that he should already knows sucks. But of course, Hernandez is
part of what Omar considers 'depth', a group that includes Endy
Chavez, Angel Pagan, Argenis Reyes, Jeremy Reed, Ramon Martinez, etc.
None of these guys can hit, yet all of them have been Omar Minaya
solutions to 'depth' at some point in the last few years. For once,
I'd like to see him get someone for the bench who could actually hit
the baseball. Maybe then, when one of his starters goes down, you
have a chance to have someone get hot for a little while.

I agree. What we all want (and rarely admit because it's a bit silly on some levels) is an All-Star level bench player, someone who is routinely excellent in spite of not playing every day, and who makes maybe $1M/year. Yeah, it sounds kind of silly when you put it like that, but this is really what we're talking about; partly because we may have some unrealistic expectations, and partly because we, as fans, feel like we've been kind of short-changed over the years in this regard with some real dead wood on our team, and that we're sort of owed a miracle or two by management.

But we really ought to admit that such players are rare -- if they're that good, they're more useful on the front lines, are paid accordingly, and expect to play regularly. When we bemoan Omar's acquisition of another cardboard cutout (or complain that the cardboard cutout is another Lation), we probably are ignoring the fact that finding a bench player who isn't a cardboard cutout is like finding the Holy Grail: arguably nonexistent and yet still sought after by 29 other GM's.

It's probably more realistic to demand top-notch players as our starters and pray they don't spend all year on the DL, than it is to expect consistent excellence on demand from our backups. The rest is a crapshoot of aging ex-superstars, golden prospects with bones made of glass and health insurance set in stone, and players on the rebound from injury or other underperforming states. This is our menu. Compared to some teams' versions that have consistently sucked, and I mean all-sucking, all the time, the Mets bench has probably not been terrible. The Tatises, Reeds and Pagans will occasionally hit a clutch homer when they're not too busy hitting into DP's, if only to tease us and add to our overall level of misery.