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On Sat, 18 Jul 2009 10:34:21 -0400, Uncle Abogado® wrote:

As the Scott Kazmir trade demonstrated, panic moves are generally the
worst moves of all. The best thing the Mets can do now is nothing
-- this has become a lost season, so they might as well dump the
unproductive, aging vets like Tatis and Hernandez -- players who
clearly don't factor in the team's long term plans anyway -- and just
commit to a youth movement the rest of the way. It won't be pretty
to watch, but when you can't do anything positive, it's best to at
least not do any harm.

-- Uncle A®

Agreed but the Farm is really bare. The can focus on the farm the rest of
the season and put their scouting to use. They should also pick up a few
draft picks at the end of the season, especially if Delgado is leaving.


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