Re: Despite being snakebit, the Mets are tied for the wildcard lead...

On 2009-06-17 14:30:44 -0400, O'Bob <O'Bob@xxxxxxxxxx> said:

On Wed, 17 Jun 2009 02:34:30 -0400, Microcosmos@xxxxxxxxx (Jim) wrote:

Blind, stupid, or a Yankee fan, or Phil, a white person hating piece of
crap. By the way Phil, I have your mom ... [snip]

How much glue would someone need to sniff in order to understand this
rambling, much less find it humorous. Thanks so much to webtv for its
tireless efforts to unleash low-life creeps who ordinarily would have
trouble working a 3-speed blender.

No reflection on the respectable webtv users--you know who you are.

Some of them even own $1000 computers, or so I'm told.