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  So what do y'all think? When I brought this up last year, a couple of
went nuts defending him re: performance enhancing drugs. I wonder if his
name appears on that list if they will man up and offer an apology?  I
see it since they are both in my killfile. I wasn't looking to teardown
love affair fans have with some ballplayers. What I was saying was that
thought he may be a user and got out in time to escape the scrutiny. At
point I still think that most used, and some that either stopped or
may get away with it entirely. Watch for Mikey's name in books, papers,
that list, especially as he grows closer to the HOF vote.


you are nuts

If he was on steroids, they sure didn't help him any towards the end of
his career. The accusation is indeed idiotic without any collaborating

     You're assuming that he continued till the end, if he was using at all.
Maybe he used during his glory years then stopped out of fear, and that was
why he stopped putting up the big numbers? No one knows, until his name
appears on that list. And by the way, I don't claim to know anything. I said
I wouldn't be at all surprised, since it looks like they all did it.

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All we have to go on is circumstantial evidence. We have no actual
proof. However if anyone fit the profile of a steroid user, Mike
Piazza does to a T. All the classic signs of steroid use are present.

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