Re: Message to Ruben and Mary1973: we will rename your posts as soon as we figure out how to do it

On Mar 23, 1:28 pm, Matt <matttel...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mar 23, 11:18 am, "Mr. and Mr. Boen" <JohnAndBillB...@xxxxxxxxx>

On Mar 23, 10:13 am, Matt <matttel...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Mar 23, 6:47 am, "Mr. and Mr. Boen" <JohnAndBillB...@xxxxxxxxx>

As soon as we figure it out, we will being renaming the posts of Ruben
and Mary1973, let's see how they like that!

John and Bill Boen

As you are using Google Groups to post from, that isn't going to
happen. It
doesn't allow you to change a subject title by a reply. You would have
create a new thread to do so.


Phooey!  There has got to be a way.  What else can we use besides
Google Groups to post from, as that can be our way of changing the
Subject Lines for Ruben's and Mary1973's posts - see how they like it!

Google Groups isn't a true newsreader. If you want one, you will need
NNTP provider (basically a server for news). If you have those things,
can change anything you want, including header information. I've never
had the interest in doing so, so I can't tell you which would be best
for you.
As for newsreaders, I happen to prefer FreeAgent, but that's just me,
you can
use anything from Microsoft Outlook to free ones.


Matt - thanks. We will look into getting one of those more advanced
newsreaders. Thanks!!!

John and Bill Boen