Jose Reyes is right

Why _are_ the Phillies obsessed with the Mets, even after winning a

"Sometimes, there just aren't enough rocks" - Forrest Gump


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    ... Lakers and others ... Was 2004 so wonderful a sports year, so undeniably and indelibly memorable, ... media didn't drop into the fetal position at the sight of the White Sox winning ... even though Chicago's championship drought was longer ...
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    ... I didnt realise you were such a bad loser. ... When i hear a helicopter i think of either police ... from your championship win this year as we did from ours on ... winning and can carry on celebrating the rest of this season. ...
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    ... Agostini, Lawson, Rainey, Doohan and Rossi also have strong cases. ... In '89, his 2nd GP season, he won more races than anyone, but it wasn't until '93 that he won the championship, when he decided to do what it took for guys like Lawson and Rainey to win their many championships. ... after not winning a championship for two years. ...
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    ... "But the perception by the European press is that Hayden was skipped over because HRC did not consider that he was capable of developing the bike. ... The fact that Italian Marco Melandri took runner-up spot in the championship, winning the final two races of the season, led the European press to the conclusion that Hayden was not making it... ...
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    ... championship under the old system. ... Before the chase there was "generally" no way the third or fourth place guy ... and now with the bonus for winning races, ... It wasn't Benny's fault that other guys who won more races couldn't manage to finish most of their ...