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While Lowe (36) has more miles than Perez (27), the innings on his
have been less stressful than Perez. Here are some comparable stats
between both pitchers (since 2002 when Lowe became a full time

Ip #Pit Gs Avg Pit Game Ip per Start
Perez 999.1 17,339 174 99.65 5.74
Lowe 1,456 22,043 233 94.60 6.24

You can see that Perez actually throws more pitches per game, while
pitching less effective innings. Although he is younger, the
and stress Perez puts on his arm (not to mention the bullpen) could
also be trouble.

It's also worth noting Lowe wasn't a full-time starter until he was 29
years old. In many way, he's a young 36.

I like Perez, but he is not worth the money and years he is seeking
(and will probably get). I could actually see him with the Yankees
earning more than +$10M per season if they can't sign AP. Lowe, well
don't like the fact he is 36 and will be 39-40 by the time his
contract expires, but even at his age (and Perez price), he becomes
better option for the Mets. He is just a better pitcher, period.

Well, that's the bottom line isn't it? Derek Lowe is better then
Oliver Perez. He's consistently good, as opposed to the Jekyll and
Hyde you get from Perez. Why any Mets fan would want to continue to
watch Perez knowing another meltdown is just around the corner is
beyond me.

I wish the Mets could find a better option and go away from both of
them, but unless they can get Peavy (without giving up F Martinez, J
Niese, B Holt, W Nieves and R Havens), they need to sign Lowe.

The Padres have turned down huge deals from the Braves and whatever
the Cubs were trying to put together. I have seen nothing that
indicates Jake Peavy would actually want to pitch for the Mets. So
you have the double hurdle of paying a steep price and having to
convince the guy to come here, which probably means tearing up his
contract and giving him a huge even more ridiculous contract, which
would put him salary-wise, into a class of pitcher he's not close to.
This is not a RH Johan Santana we're talking about. He's good . . .
he's not one of the 2 or 3 best pitchers in baseball.

next? Go with Wolf and/or Garland? Sign Freddy Garcia and/or P
Martinez to incentive base deals? I don't think Niese is ready for
fulltime job, so who's out there?

I think it's Lowe, trade, or incentive deals. Sign some guys to ST
invites and see who sticks. I hate the idea of giving any of the
other dreck out there a guaranteed deal. Garland is batting
practice. Why give him a guaranteed $7-8 million when you can
probably pay Josh Fogg $2 million and force him to compete for a job.

LH Santana
RH Lowe
RH Pelfrey
RH Maine
RH/LH (combination of F Garcia or Pedro early with Niese spot
in case of injuries or poor performance)

Right there you have a rotation of three pitchers who can throw +200
innings (Santana, Lowe and Pelfrey),one 180-190 (Maine) and a
combination at 5th spot, the Mets could have the consistency they
to compete in the NL East.

With a halfway decent bullpen, you need 900 decent innings out of your
rotation. Anything above that is a bonus, anything below it starts to
be an issue. Last year, the Mets got 878 innings out of their 5
principal starters. In doing that, Santana was clearly pushed at the
end, Pelfrey was clearly worn down, Maine pitched hurt, Martinez was
awful, and Perez was night and day. This year, barring injuries, you
could pretty reliably say you have 600 IP already covered between the
three starters you have. If you get Lowe, now you have 800 IP and
you're looking for somebody to throw 100 IP. If you don't, now you
need two guys to throw 150. The math is pretty simple.


IMO, the Mets will go to opening day with:

Pedro Martinez

And ???? will not be Lowe or Perez and not even Redding or

I'm glad Omar was given complete autonomy. HAH!!!

What makes you think the Mets won't get either of Lowe, Perez, Wolf or
Redding? How many teams you see out there willing to pay +$12M for a


Madoff did more damage to Wilpon than he is letting on to the public.
of course, is his right. Therefore, no more soup for you, Mets'

Considering that Minaya has put a three year proposal for $12M per, I
would say you are wrong about this point. They will end up offering
$14M per season for Lowe.

I don't think so.

You don't think so, but were is the proof of it?
K-Rod, $37M for three years. Arguably, the best closer in baseball. Why
should they top that for a middle of the rotation pitcher?

They gave K-Rod $37M, the highest contract for any reliever available.
Then they went out and traded for Putz, who will earn $5M next season
and $8.5M the season after. And that's for a setup man. Your comments
about the Mets not investing money due to Wilpon's situation is
completely out context. Period.

Amazingly, Boras may have found a match for Manny, with S.F. Why not for
Lowe and Perez (whom I don't want on the Mets)? Omar got K-Rod on the
because there was no market for high priced closers. There will be a
for starters.

1) Yankees will end up re-signing Pettitte. Their rotation will be CC
Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Wang and Joba/Huges/Kennedy
2) Boston just signed Penny. Their rotation is set: Beckett, Lester,
Matsuzaka, Wakefield, Penny (Buchholz waiting for Penny to get
3) Anaheim has E Santana, J Lackey, J Weaver, J Saunders and K Escobar
4) Braves won't pay $15M for Lowe
5) Phillies have Hamels, Myers, Moyer, Blanton and Eaton/Kendrick.
Doubt they will get into the bidding
6) Cubs could be another option if they can't land Peavy: Zambrano,
Dempster, Harden, Lilly and Marquis/Marshal/Hill
7) The Brewers may have the money, but will they invested in a 36 year
old pitcher?
I would not rule out the Cubs, Boston, Phillies and Yanks.

They are on the list. Those teams have other priorities right now.
That's no reason for ignoring Lowe.

But it's a reason not investing $16M per Lowe is seeking.

The market for Lowe is close to non-existent at this point of the
game. If Lowe really wants to pitch in the East Coast and the NL like
he says, his Best option will be the Mets.
Boras puts his clients where the money is.

Yeah, but where will the money be?

You have been a Mets' fan long enough to know that the Wilpons only go so
far. Just like their team, they don't have the killer instinct. Do I have
remind you about Vladdy?

Pedro, Beltran, Santana, Delgado, Wagner.....the list is longer could
be longer if we go back in years.
They were not signed in the *same* year.

Beltran, Pedro and traded for LoDuca in 2005.
Sign Wagner and traded for Delgado and El Duque in 2006.

Pedro was a "change the face of
the franchise" signing.

Yeah, and Pedro only cost them 4yrs, $52M. How cheap those Wilpon's
are, right?

Beltran was giving the Yanks a discount *after* the
Mets' offer.

So? What's your point? The Mets still committed 7yrs, $119M to
Beltran. More than any other team, for the Best CFer in the game.

Santana fell in their laps, and was a trade and sign, deal.

LOL!! The Mets gave Santana a record breaking deal because it made
sense, not because they were obligated by anybody.

Delgado was a trade.

So?? Yet the Mets made a commitment to take Delgado's remaining salary
(aprox $16M per)

Wagner was the best available closer, at the time, no

And they made a huge commitment to sign the Best closer in the Market.

Not trading for Manny, last year?

The Mets didn't trade for him because Boston was looking for a proven
OFer. Something the Mets couldn't offer, unless the name was Beltran.
They couldn't have beated Jason Bay at the time. Yet I'm glad he
wasn't a Met, because he is a joke.
The *Dodgers* gave up dreck to get Manny. It was the jerks from Pittsburgh
that gave up Bay, not the Dodgers.

So you think Manny would have been traded if Boston doesn't include
Bay? Ever hear on how a three team trade is done? Bay was the reason
why Manny was traded.

You tell me when
they made more than one big signing during the FA period.

Just read above.

That's right, just read above.

I did. Just comments without any factual evidence.