Re: RIP - Don Cardwell

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Aren't they drunk, as well as Polish and shirtless?

Almost certainly. But we really do have to be concerned about their
genitals, for various reasons.

I'm usually so busy volunteering with my various church groups that I
have time to delve into Internet discussions about other people's
as much I'd like.

Well, this only supports my idea that you and El Abogado need to be a
little more specific about exactly what information you're looking for.
Obviously I am all about one-stop-shopping where genital data is
concerned, and as I said before, I know how valuable your time is.

I'm thinking of reserving the domain name of (org, of
course, is short for organ) and setting up a comprehensive website,
updated hourly. That way, people could check on any dimension changes due
to temperature shift, any theoretical degree of stimulation, and any
health issues that may crop up. Not to mention the live feed

Of course, this will cut into my volunteer time at the Church of
Evildoing, but then, it's hard work. A lotta people are workin' hard.

As Mitt Romney's PR man told that AP reporter yesterday, "Don't be
argumentative with the candidate."