Re: The stupidity of NY fans

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Tom Glavine has been the best pitcher on the staff. He has
contributed all season and unfortunately he had the bad game which resulted
in disaster. But to blame him and want to get rid of him is stupid. The
whole team blew the season and Glavine is a scapegoat. And for another
thing, Willie should have pulled Tom when it was so obvious that he didn't
have the stuff Sunday.

While I will say that judging Glavine based on the final game is a
knee-jerk reaction...much like wanting to fire Willie is. But really
when it concerns Glavine, does it matter what we think? He has a
players option...HE controls where he goes.


If Glavine is ever in a Mets Uniform again, I'll be boycotting the
team and it will be a long time after he goes that I'll come back.

I hate Glavine, and the stats quoted here are bogus crap. He's sucked
for years.


I disagree he sucks........... but let's try this shoe on for size. In
no way is he worth 13 million next year. How's that fit? I like that
one better. He has NEVER been a big game pitcher how could we expect
that to change at age 102? The only top flight big game pitcher
Atlanta ever had was John Smoltz. Maddux has pedestrian playoff
numbers and so does Tom Glavine. Goodbye....Thanks for a few years and
if Atlanta wants him for 10 million while watching Jones walk good
luck to them too. Pelfrey showed promise at the end of the year,
combine that with Perez, Maine and Pedro and let Minaya do what he
gets paid for and find a number 1 as well as build the bullpen.