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Damn I remember the first Mets-Yankees series this season. As a Yanks
fan, it felt like we were just going and standing on the train tracks
for this Mets juggernaut to come wipe us out. And that's pretty much
what happened. Then by the last Mets-Yanks series it was a complete
reversal. What happened? Where did all that maddening confidence
backed by real ability go?... Anyway, I do extend my condolences. Yes
it was a monumental collapse, but the really poor teams never climb
high enough to have this kind of fall. If you guys had only been able
to go ahead at 2/3 power the final two months we would still be
looking forward to a Subway Series that would probably have gone down
as *The* Subway Series, for which the `00 Series was just a warmup...
My feeling is that Minaya will rise to this challenge and the Mets
will be beasts in `09 (next year being a re-org). The Yanks will be a
very different team by then too, so the Subway Series hope may not be
immediately at hand. I'm pretty certain, though, that within the next
5 to 7 years we will have dueling dynasties in the Bronx and Queens.
Glory years ahead... *and Willie will be there*!

Nice to see in the midst of all the trolling and taunting that there
are still Yankee fans out there capable of showing a little class.

Thanks for the good thoughts. We could use a few right now.

We Yankee fans are generally a classy bunch. I shall help to prove
this by congratulating the Mets for their excellent 2007 baseball
season. Second place in the NL East is a very respectable showing.
You ought to be right proud of your ballclub.