Re: When will Willie promote Wright to hit 3rd?

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I think we would be scoring more runs by
batting Beltran 2nd and Wright 3rd.

If you hit Beltran and Wright in the 2nd and 3rd spot, who do you hit
4th and 5th? Delgado and Floyd? With the two lefties together, that
makes the lineup more susceptable to righty-lefty pitching switches.
And if you drop Floyd to 6th, who do you hit 5th---Lo Duca? Nady?

If you think about the whole lineup, then the current lineup makes more
sense than just thinking about one or two positions.

You give too much credit to righty-lefty thing. The point is to score
runs against starters and with Wright at 3rd and Beltran 2nd it's the
best way to do it.